Why You Should Use Aftermarket Inks Over Originals

Aftermarket Vs Original: let's take a look at some of the common myths...

Why your Business SHOULD use compatible INKS and TONERS


Compatibles work just as well as Originals

The Printer Consumable trade fair in China has over 600 manufacturers. The leading manufactures got there by developing quality products that work as well as the Original Manufacturers products. Some Original products are made on the leading compatible Manufacturers production lines. One leading compatible manufacturer recently bought global laser printer giant Lexmark for over US$3.6B


My Printers warranty will be voided

This simply isn’t true. Competition and Consumer Act 2010:

“if a part is ‘non genuine’ but interchangeable with a ‘genuine part’, then the non genuine part would still be seen as fit for purpose, and would therefore not void any manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty…”.


Why are compatibles so cheap?

The question should be “Why are Original Inks and Toners so expensive?”

One example. At the time of writing a set of Original CF410x series toners purchased at a leading Office store costs $1304.00. A leading compatible retailer sells a set of premium compatibles for $630.00 (but we note they have a buy 1 get 1 free offer so actually $315 per set!). A saving of $674 on a single set of toners.


The printer that uses these toners costs just $504.90. In other words, enough saved on a single set of toners to buy a spare identical printer. In the case of nearly every Ink and Toner the situation is the same.



The largest manufacturers of compatibles got that way by focusing on producing only premium quality products. The largest retailers of compatible Inks and Toners got that way by only sourcing from the largest manufacturers and offering money back and printer replacement guarantees.


Ink and Toner isn’t liquid gold. Do the math. Your annual savings could run into the tens of thousands annually.